The structure was created and is now operational. We work on the national territory and also on export.

Why do you have to do that?

Well, this is simple, we only address small and medium-sized structures because they have know-how and animate our city centres and must not disappear.

So why is it possible?

Because we process orders from small quantities 5 kg of coffee from your production

Because costs are controlled and allow everyone to get by

This allows you to:

– Maintain a customer base close to your usual products but packaged differently

  – Offer a wide range of different bio degradable products

– Being in the age of time while respecting the environment

– Resisting large groups and the politics of the strongest

– To offer products that only you know how to make (coffee mix)

– Not to disappear!!!

For this you have no investment to make. It will be up to you to promote yourself in your market that you know better than anyone.

We will produce NESPRESSO type capsules and also to allow us to better plan the production could tell us what your possible needs could be: This does not commit you in any way but allows us to size our project.

Knowing that 1kg of coffee – about 200 capsules

I remain of course at your disposal by enamel or phone:

06 78 62 96 63

See you soon

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