From roasting to tasting

In view of the COVID crisis and hygiene standards, we have had ultra violet lamps added to our machines to sterilize all components in contact with food. The machines are also fully closed and under controlled atmosphere! We advocate zero risk.


Your interest is ours

What for?

We allow small local roasters to increase their sales volume by adapting their production to market demand.

Because we use your production to package it into capsules to make your store a unique place.  

Because the demand is mainly for Nespresso capsules ®

We showcase your products (coffee) and not other coffee capsules that are sold everywhere and often cheaper and that trivialize your store.  

We avoid your customers looking for similar products on the internet and let themselves be won over by the ease and no longer return home. 


 An eco-friendly and environmentally friendly approach   

We use only bio degradable and bio-based capsules (standards 13432)

We protect the environment by using biodegradable and compostable products and rely on waste-free and clean production through renewable energy.

The electricity used to produce our capsules is clean and green energy from 100% renewable energy produced by our supplier "Planet YES" thanks to its producers partners in water, photovoltaic and wind power located in France.

And when we say 100% green, these are not words in the air: they were ranked Number 1 of the "really green" suppliers by Greenpeace.

What's new


I would like to introduce you a brand new project that could shake up your business. Do you know that in France 50% of the coffee is sold in pods or capsules and that there are more than 800 roasters who have a real talent, that’s why I intend to create in the next few weeks a company that will aim to encapsulate coffee.

Why do you have to do that?

Well this is simple we only address small structures because they have a know-how and animate our city centers and must not disappear.

So why is it possible?

Because we process orders from small amounts 4 kg of coffee from your production

Because costs are controlled and allow everyone to get by

This allows you to:

– Maintain a customer base close to your usual products but  

  conditioned differently

– Offer a wide range of different bio degradable product

– Being in the age of time while respecting the environment

– Resisting large groups and the politics of the strongest

– To offer products that only you know how to make (coffee mix)

– Not to disappear!!!

For this you have no investment to make. It will be up to you to promote yourself in your market that you know better than anyone.

We will produce NESPRESSO™®and DOLCE GUSTO™® capsules also to allow us to better plan production could tell us what your potential needs might be: This does not engage you in any way but allows us to size our project. Leave your comments with us

A drink is possible with customization. We will then ask for your promotional materials in a vector-type file and make you an encrypted proposal. 

I remain of course at your disposal by enamel or phone: 

06 78 62 96 63

See you soon